5 Easiest Ways For Doctors To Boost Online Presence!

5 Easiest Ways For Doctors To Boost Online Presence!

For getting new patients, the doctors need to have a strong digital presence but it's tough to get the most out of everything but diversifying your digital presence may help you to get more patients online.

The world is going digital in ways we never imagined it to be. A couple of decades ago, the only way one knew of a doctor was through word-of-mouth. Our neighbours were the patients who miraculously recovered from morbid diseases by the amazing doctor down a couple of streets. But things have changed. Now everyone is armed with a smartphone and has the good sense to “google” every symptom. It has become imperative for healthcare professionals to make their presence felt online.

To help you in maintaining an online presence here’s a list of 5 easiest & shortest to-dos that will improve your visibility online and your credibility, offline.

STEP 1 - Register on Google My Business: 

Do not underestimate the power of google. In recent times, people have fallen into a habit of trusting only those they can find online. Registering your workplace on google business will work as an endorsement. People from nearby areas looking for your kind of expertise will get your business address and contact details are blown up on their screens as soon as they try to find it online.

STEP 2 - Having A Website:

For you to maintain an online presence you have to have an online presence. The first step is to have your website. Think of it as your portfolio. Your website should mention all the essentials needed for a person to understand your area of expertise, your experience, your working style, testimonials of people defining their experience with you and a clear way of getting in touch with you if they wish to do so. 

STEP 3 - Social Media as a Marketing Tool

According to a survey conducted by The Global Statistics, the presence of the Indian population averages up to 2.5 hours daily on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become ‘virtual homes’. Having a presence on these platforms ensures visibility to a wide yet targeted range of people in your desired location.

You have to stay consistent on these platforms because ‘out of sight is out of mind’. Posting healthcare tips on a regular basis, getting involved with random audiences to solve their queries, conducting online workshops, collaborating with your peers as value-addition for your audience; all of this is part of building a loyal fanbase.

If you feel this is too much work for you, you can easily approach a digital marketing firm, like Docstokes. These firms have a set of experts that work on your social media marketing and strategy.

STEP 4 - Videos and Blogs

When people want some answers they turn to their devices. More precisely, a search engine that will give them the answer to their questions, instantly. They read blogs/articles or watch videos that educate them. Updating informative blogs/articles related to your niche on your website regularly will not only ensure better SEO practice but will also build trust amongst the people. You can also have a series of vlogs (video logs) by having a YouTube channel. This is especially useful because people are more likely to trust someone they can see.

STEP 5 -  Patient Testimonials

This is the best form of credibility that will bring you lots of recognition, both online and offline. Highlight these on your website and social media pages. These are the ones that people will look at - first and last - before deciding whether you are worthy of their trust and time.


If you are a healthcare professional, you know that the one thing everyone in this industry lacks is TIME. And online visibility takes time. A lot of time. While maintaining an online presence may be time-consuming but it has its multiple rewards. 

With patience and consistency, building a brand online will reap substantial benefits. Reach out to digital marketing experts in case this seems too overwhelming. For, having even a small presence online is better than having none at all.

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