How a landing page can help a hospital in patient conversion

How a landing page can help a hospital in patient conversion

“But didn’t you say that if a hospital has a website, its online presence is taken care of? Now you are saying we should have landing pages too? Why?”

At Docstokes, we frequently encounter this client dilemma. Websites are often seen as the be-all and end-all of getting your patient’s attention. You must have noticed people/organisations putting up their website on each of their posts, on social media pages, online adverts, etc. thinking that once a visitor lands there they will have all the information. But that’s not enough.

Let’s first understand the difference between a website, its home page and a landing page.

What is a website?

A website is a group of pages (otherwise known as web pages) diverging information on various aspects of your hospital/institution. This will include the services you provide, how to connect with you, what to do in case of emergencies, history of how you launched the hospital – so on and so forth. A website will, by default, include a home page.

What is a home page?

Now, a home page is the first page that a visitor lands on, once he clicks on your website link. The homepage gives short, generalized information that helps the visitor in navigating to a section of the website he is looking for. Kind of like an index. It helps you in locating the information you are looking for without having to go through all the pages.

What is a landing page?

In comparison, a Landing page is designed specifically for a purpose. There are various purposes that are sought by people online, at large. For example, someone might be looking for a coronavirus vaccination centre while others might have an interest in finding out where to get a knee replacement done.

IVF treatments, gastro-intestinal surgeons, a pathology laboratory, Radiology centres – the list is endless. When a person clicks on an advertisement addressing his concerns with a call to action and lands on the homepage of your website, he is lost.

He doesn’t want to go through the entire website to reach his specific target, he will lose interest may get diverted to a different institution that is quick enough to solve his problem. Everyone today is looking for a quick solution. Your loss is someone else’s gain.

Landing Page Benefits:

Gives Short & Concise Information about your service:

The digital space is full of information. Thousands and thousands of informative pages serve at the beck and call of the user. To stand out, and to target a select few people who might be your prospective consumers you have to hit the nail on the head in as little time as possible.

Landing pages help you in dispensing only the relevant information about your service. It has a clear call to action (CTA) that tells the user exactly what to do and how to do it. The end result: A win-win situation where a visitor gets converted into a happy consumer of your service.

Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy:

The healthcare industry is as competitive as any other industry. Various institutions need to put forward unique services to maximum people. In a sea of services, the best way to grab the attention of a prospective visitor is to deliver what has been promised in online marketing and advertisements. Imagine putting out an online ad mentioning the vaccine drive you are conducting for senior citizens.

There may be hundreds of clicks on your ad; while each click is costing you a certain amount it is crucial for you to convert that visitor into a consumer. Landing pages fulfil this need effectively. Landing pages are thus used for online advertisements. They are also useful as results for specific online searches.

Servers as a teaser for your institution:

Once a visitor has landed on your page from an online ad, and has satisfactorily experienced your services firsthand, he may be inclined to come back to you for his future needs. A Landing page serves as a teaser of your institution.

If the experience has been good for him, the visitor may get convinced to visit your website for the other services provided by you. A repeated consumer is good for any business, helping you create a good consumer base.

Sets Branding in motion:

Apart from these, a landing page usually also has some trust indicators – testimonials or case studies, examples of you staying true to your word from your old consumers. It is not easy for a visitor to put his trust in some random advert that he saw online, especially in the matters of health and medicine. But when he reads about similar problems from your old patients it makes you look trustworthy.

No doubt, we are moving in a fast consuming world. And as such you have to make a lasting impact to gain the most out of the opportunity. Landing pages handle these effectively.