Role of a Website in Effective Hospital Digital Marketing

An effective website plays a crucial role in Hospital Digital Marketing Agency in India. It serves as the first point of contact between a hospital and its potential patients and is an important tool for building trust, credibility, and authority.

24th Jan 2023
Healthcare Digital Marketing

Why Is Online Presence Crucial For Doctor-Patient Relationship

There are several benefits of an online doctor-patient relationship, which can include: 1. Increased patient engagement, 2. Enhanced communication, 3. Greater flexibility, 4.....

7th Jan 2023
Healthcare Digital Marketing

7 Reasons Why Most of the Marketing Agencies Fail in Healthcare Digital Marketing

TOP reason for an agency to fail in healthcare marketing is due to lack in medical knowledge & content. Every marketing agency thinks they can work wonders for their clients since they have prior experience in the service industry, failing to realise that it doesn’t work the same way for doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

20th Jun 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

9 NEW Guidelines Proposed By The National Medical Council for Registered Medical Practitioners (2022)

RMPs can have and maintain their social media and website, the guidelines indicate that the information put forth by the RMPs should be verifiable and factual, should not be deceptive or misleading

8th Jun 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

8 Guaranteed ways that will boost your Hospital Website

These are the core ways that will help to boost your hospital website presence & get you more visitors every day.

28th Mar 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

How a landing page can help a hospital in patient conversion

This blog will guide you how a WEBSITE will help you CONVERT more patients online with digital exposure & visibility

22nd Mar 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

8 Powerful Reasons Why a Consultant, Doctor or Hospital Should have a website

Having a website for doctors, consultants, and hospitals will be extremely beneficial as the digital era progresses. This will aid in gaining more digital exposure in the online healthcare market.

14th Mar 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

How online marketing increases patient footfalls in hospital/clinic

In this blog, we have shared how the power of online marketing can help hospitals & clinics to get more patient footfalls by practising the right marketing strategy.

7th Mar 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

Google My Business For Hospitals: 6 Benefits of Listings on GMB

7th Feb 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing

7 PROVEN Ways For Hospital Online Marketing

The purpose of a healthcare marketing strategy is to encourage and simplify relationships between hospitals and patients

18th Jan 2022
Healthcare Digital Marketing