Healthcare Video Marketing

Healthcare video marketing is essential for your practice or speciality. Videos have been successfully employed as a marketing tool in the healthcare industry.

Consider incorporating healthcare video marketing into your plans, strategies, or objectives. Videos are simple to record and upload, and they may help you build your business.

Online videos have become increasingly significant in healthcare marketing, with video traffic anticipated to account for up to 80% of all internet traffic. Every day, users view millions of hours of video. By the end of 2023, the number of internet users is expected to reach over 5.3 billion. Given the video statistics and the pandemic's rapid march toward technology, healthcare video marketing is a fantastic concept.

Here are some amazing stats on video marketing:

  • Every day, about 5 billion videos are seen on Youtube (; 78% of online users watch at least one video every week
  • According to, 55% of people watch one every day
  • According to Cisco forecasts, the video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022
  • In 2017, 72.3% of individuals paid more attention to video than any other sort of content
  • 55% of people pay more attention to video than any other type of content
  • When watching a video, the average user retains 95% of the message; nevertheless, when talking about text, this number drops to 10%
  • On Facebook, roughly 100 million hours of video are watched every day
  • 82% of registered Twitter users watch video material on a regular basis

This data demonstrates one thing: video is the most effective digital marketing technique. This is also true in the healthcare industry. In fact, it's even more true for this industry, which is so closely associated with consumers' daily lives.

Because more individuals are turning to YouTube for healthcare information, incorporating video into your patient acquisition marketing strategy can put your clinic in front of them right away.

You can share your knowledge of treatments, procedures, and any medical technology or technique breakthroughs you develop.

  • Speciality Informative Videos
  • Medical Procedure Videos
  • Patient Testimonial Videos
  • Medical E-Learning & FAQ Videos

With all the professional shooting & videography methods, we will help you with all your video marketing requirements to get you the best outcome for your speciality & practice.

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