Our Services

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

The ability to reach your target audience cost-effectively and measurably is the best advantage digital marketing has over other traditional forms of marketing, especially in healthcare. Social media marketing helps you with specific targeting & engaging with your audience, thus increasing your footfalls.

Healthcare paid advertising

Paid advertising is one of the effective ways to increase the footfalls and attract new patients to your hospital/clinic. People are already searching online for the symptoms & preventions of their problem, here paid advertising helps patients for booking a quick appointment for a consultation.

Healthcare SEO & SEM

Our medical content & website optimization will help your clinic/hospital to get on the top of search results in google search with specific speciality wise keywords to get prospect leads from the results. We also redevelop & improve the website for a better user experience & top-notch SEO results.

Healthcare Website Development

Website development in healthcare isn't normal just like others. We create a website for healthcare providers with an accurate call to action, information & redirection to convert the prospect reader into a lead or patient. Our website design is highly optimized for a user to spend more time on content & information.

Doctors/Hospital Public Relation

Patients trust doctors/hospitals based on their reviews and the relation of doctors/hospitals with their patients. Positive feedback or review on your website & social pages builds trust & maintains a good & healthy public relation with patients. DocStokes focuses on getting more positive reviews from your patients for your hospital/clinic.

Healthcare Reputation Management

Building a good reputation for your hospital/clinic or personal brand helps to connect with more prospective patients. Informative content enhances your profile & influence more people. DocStokes will engage with your patients on daily basis and optimizing content according to the speciality.

Healthcare Video Marketing

Video marketing gives the direct interaction of your content with visual and audio. Video testimonials or success story of your hospital/clinic gives an emotional touch with your story. A walkthrough video of your hospital/clinic brand it on online channels.

Healthcare Content Development

With our team of Doctors, the content is written & proofread by our healthcare specialists and doctors themselves to make sure that the correct medical information is distributed to patients and audiences. Speciality-wise informative content development with accurate information is written.